St. Louis Store Event Calendar

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  1. Hello Newcastle =)

    Thoroughly enjoyed Magic Celebration, but unfortunately can’t make FNM this week like I’d hoped. I know next weekend is the Innistrad Prerelease; are ya’ll still doing FNM next Friday as well?

  2. Hey Evan. Yes we still have FNM scheduled. ZThe night before prerelease can have a light turnout, sometimes, but we are scheduled to draft m12.


  3. Yes, we do! We’re going to put them on our calendar shortly. We have our regular Cardfight! events now running on Tuesdays @ 5pm. Starting in March, we’ll also take part in all events (prereleases, team tourney, etc.)

  4. Saturday I played my first Booster Draft, won my fist game, and finished in 3rd place. I met some new people, had an outstanding time, and will return again. I think the one guy leaving when I came in was management: he gave me two cards I was looking for at no charge. I also showed my support by making additional purchases. Great people, great place, a new second home.

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