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  • kelly says:

    wasn’t there another ProjectCon scheduled for September 17,18?

  • Administrator says:

    Hello. Project: Comic Con will return on June 9th & 10th of 2012!

  • Evan says:

    Hello Newcastle =)

    Thoroughly enjoyed Magic Celebration, but unfortunately can’t make FNM this week like I’d hoped. I know next weekend is the Innistrad Prerelease; are ya’ll still doing FNM next Friday as well?

  • Administrator says:

    Hey Evan. Yes we still have FNM scheduled. ZThe night before prerelease can have a light turnout, sometimes, but we are scheduled to draft m12.


  • Plue says:

    You guys host Cardfight! Vanguard tourneys? I don’t see them listed, but the official site for CFV says you guys do….

  • Administrator says:

    Yes, we do! We’re going to put them on our calendar shortly. We have our regular Cardfight! events now running on Tuesdays @ 5pm. Starting in March, we’ll also take part in all events (prereleases, team tourney, etc.)

  • Ryan says:

    Saturday I played my first Booster Draft, won my fist game, and finished in 3rd place. I met some new people, had an outstanding time, and will return again. I think the one guy leaving when I came in was management: he gave me two cards I was looking for at no charge. I also showed my support by making additional purchases. Great people, great place, a new second home.

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